Did you know? Our PEO Partners hold 100% of the liability for all accidents occurring during the contract term ... and your rates will not change!

  • A - Rated "Pay as You Go" Workers' Compensation Insurance (Pay For Only What You Use)
    - No Deposits or Audits - contributing to improved cash flow
  • Prompt Issuance of Workers' Compensation Certifications of Insurance
  • No Year End Audits
  • No Finance Charges
  • Simplified Workers' Compensation Insurance Accident Reporting
  • Aggressive Workers' Compensation Insurance Claims Management and Administration
  • Develop Back to Work & Light Duty Programs
  • Assistance in Meeting DOT & FAA Employment Requirements
  • Drug Free Workplace Assistance
  • Assistance in Developing & Implementation of Safety Programs and Recommendations
  • Customized Employee Safety Manuals
  • Promotion of Safety Incentive Programs
  • Workers' Compensation Loss Control Analysis and Solutions
  • Post Injury Drug Testing