1. Payroll Management

    Payroll Management ... Reduce Your Labor Costs!

    Payroll Accuracy and Timeliness are the centerpieces of our business!

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  2. Workers' Comp Insurance

    A+Rated Workers' Comp Insurance

    "Pay As You Go" no down payments or audits. Protect your Business as it Grows!

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  3. Healthcare/Benefits

    Healthcare/Employee Benefits

    We can offer your business THE most robust and cost effective Master Healthcare plan on the market today!

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  4. Human Resources

    Human Resources Support ...

    IMAGINE: As a business owner, having a team of experts on your side to reduce your risk surrounding sexual harassment and unemployment claims, employment law issues, governmental regulations and compliance – the list goes on …

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  5. The Harrison Assessments

    The Harrison Assessments

    The Harrison Assessments is the most trusted Talent Management and Online Assessment system in the industry today and is used by over 2 million executives in more than 5000 major companies worldwide.

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  6. Promotions/Marketing


    Capture the POWER of the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT AUDIENCE at the RIGHT TIME!

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Who We Are


Franklin Employer Solutions is one of the fastest growing and most price competitive national PEO (Professional Employer Organization) brokerage firms in the industry today.

Our firm specializes in comprehensive Payroll Management, Workers' Compensation Insurance, (Obamacare Compliant) Master Healthcare Plans/Employee Benefits and complete Human Resource Services ... and we also offer our EXCLUSIVE Harrison Assessments Systems providing highly accurate, predictive HIRING and EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT programs.       

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What We Do 

Employer payroll solutions

We provide you better and more cost-effective ways to manage and GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

We are confident in saying, "We Can Save You Time, Money and Aggravation" - How?

It's simple: You handle day-to-day management of your employees ... just call in or click on the hours your employees worked and ... everything else is handled for you.

This allows you to focus on what you do best (and matters most) ... Managing and Growing Your Business!

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Latest News and Opinion


What is a PEO, and why should my business use one?